Highly skilled certified mechanics guaranteed.

Boiler services:

“Injener Chozgutleri” is your reliable partner in the maintenance of boilers, steam generators and boiler facilities.

Converting liquids to steam is one of the most important stages of power transmission, and the appropriate pressure equipment is critical to your activities. It all starts with boiler equipment, and this is the first step in a process that is critical. From this point of view, asset integrity management for boiler systems is essential to your operational management. We provide an integrated approach to optimize the availability, reliability and safety of operations within the steam-water cycle.

Our efficiency:

• Improving the efficiency of the boiler;
• Lower costs by preventing downtime;
• Reducing the total cost of operation.

Our comprehensive services include after-sales service, inspections, and consultations, scheduled maintenance during production outages, as well as specialized products and services in the process of modifications.

Our scope:

• Analysis and assessment of efficiency and productivity;
• Inspection;
• Overhaul;
• Modification;
• Analysis of the causes of failure;
• Check the residual resource;
• Scheduled maintenance;
• Supply of spare parts;
• Emission measurements.