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The IE “Injener Chozgutleri” has executed EPIC works on the project: “Construction of a center for repair and maintenance of power equipment, and the purchase of spare parts for gas turbine installations” in Abadan, Turkmenistan, the Client of the project is the Turkish company “Çalik Enerji”.

Our team has completed construction and installation works on the center’s territory, including the construction of workshops with a total area of 4000 square meters and high-tech machines for fixing gas turbine parts applying advanced technologies.
Turnkey projects have been implemented in transformer equipment maintenance facilities, which will undertake maintenance of electric generators, transformer substations of various capacities, electrical panels, and other power equipment.

At this point, our company “Injener Chozgutleri” is actively involved in preparing for the opening ceremony of the Service Center, which will take place in June 2022.