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As a part of new technologies implementation in the management system, our company widely uses the worldwide widespread practice of outsourcing – transferring functions or a whole business process, including manpower supply services for the third-party company.

Manpower supply services, as follows:
— Civil engineer;
— Construction technician;
— Surveyor;
— Bricklayer;
— Crane operator;
— Painter-plasterer;
— Master of construction and finishing works;
— Safety and labor protection engineer;
— Welder of 3-6 category;
— Slinger;
— Power engineer;
— Electrical engineer;
— Electrician;
— Operator of abrasive blasting (sandblaster);
— Installer of scaffolding;
— Inspector during the assembly of scaffolding;
— Design engineer (specialization on request);
— Diver;
— Diver-welder, carver;
— Repairman-diver;
— Quality Control Engineer (specialization on request);
— Plasterer-painter;
— Installer of low-current systems and video surveillance;
— Installation technician;
— Installer of metal structures;
— Installer of plumbing systems;
— Installer insulator for thermal insulation;
— Installer of housing and communal services;
— Installer of external pipelines;
— Communication installer – cable guy;
— Installer of technological pipelines, (discharge on request);
— Sandwich panel installer;
— Installer (ventilation, air conditioning, pneumatic transport and aspiration systems).