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Piping services:

We provide a full range of pipeline maintenance services

The needs to reduce operating costs, maximize uptime and optimize service efficiency is part of the challenges that the chemical, oil, gas and energy industries face today.

We understand the basic requirements of customers to ensure the highest level of performance and asset reliability. It also means creating a reliable plan detailing all the possible risks and maintenance needs to ensure a reliable production process, as well as determining and calculating the technical scope of work throughout the entire operational period.

We provide a full range of pipeline maintenance, from dismantling, overhaul, modernization, reinstallation, partial or full replacement, and commissioning. We can provide services within the specific needs of the client or a comprehensive range of services under a general contract. Our experts will help you make decisions, based on the analysis and assessment of the possibility of maintenance or repair, on-site or in our own workshops.

Our services include:

• Conducting an inspection.
• Installation and dismantling.
• Welding work.
• Carrying out the processing of abrasive treatment of internal and external surfaces.
• Painting work.
• Replacement of bolts on flange joints.
• Conducting tests by non-destructive method.
• Tests under pressure for tightness.
• Modification, repair, or replacement of supporting structures.
• Installation of corrosion protection.

If necessary, during the maintenance process, we integrate additional services, such as rigging, industrial mountaineering, scaffolding, and additional technical staff to provide individual project solutions for the needs of the client.