Procurement Department of “Inzhener Chozgutleri“ Company has many years of experience in planning and organizing of procurements, selection of the most effective logistics scheme, considering all possible risks and duration, tracking of shipment of equipment and final deliveries to End Users’ facilities. Special attention is given to Long Lead items which may affect on overall project execution schedule. IC tracks all stages of equipment and materials fabrication, dispatching and delivery, until hand over to End User.
Works are being organized based on all specific requirements and the approved vendor’s list, estimation of cost and selection of logistic method, coordination with agents and the certified agencies on a subject of rates for services, creating of procurement schedule, the most realistic delivery dates. All above services can be provided by our company specialists.

Procurement Department provides its services and solutions as follows:
-  Organization of procurement plan;
-  Evaluation of commercial offers from potential suppliers along with technical offers with a help of IC technical team, including risk analysis, creating of risk matrix, etc.;
-  Bidding process and selection of the most optimal Vendors;
-  Establishment of transparency and most effective solutions in terms of quality and reputation;
-  Conclusion of contracts for materials and equipment supply;
-  Fabrication facilities auditing prior putting a PO;
-  Evaluation of TPI reports during production cycle and inspection plan compliance;
-  Minimization of risks by means of method of control and prevention;
-  Maintaining a Lesson learnt register;
-  Selection of most optimal way of shipment of materials and equipment;
-  Transparent road map of ways of shipment;
-  Qualified assistance in choosing agent companies;
-  Consulting services in preparation of documents for customs clearance;