Highly skilled certified mechanics guaranteed.

IE “Injener Chozgutleri” executes the project on “Turnaround cleaning, Maintenance and Repair services for static equipment” at Dragon Oil Turkmenistan Limited (DOTL) offshore and onshore assets in Khazar, Turkmenistan

The scope of work comprises supplying materials, equipment, tools, consumables, and personnel for cleaning, maintaining, and repairing of static tankers. Our company has offered qualified staff to provide quality service in accordance the criteria set by the Client.
At this stage, oil and water tanks, as well as chemical storage tanks, are being treated. Tankers for fire alarm systems are currently being installed at onshore facilities.

At offshore facilities, particularly at sea platforms, thermal insulation of ventilation drainage drum and heat tracking in the bullet tank were successfully implemented. Also, installation of temporary plugs for hydraulic testing on platforms at the completion stage.