Highly skilled certified mechanics guaranteed.

Turnaround management:

“Injener Chozgutleri” minimizes the cost of the shutdown without compromising safety and quality

Shutdown at industrial facilities, in the oil and gas, chemical, and energy sectors, means costly loss of time in production. We provide effective management services, focusing on safety and quality, and your production will be launched on schedule

Our efficiency:

• We increase efficiency by reducing downtime due to the use of modern technologies in analysis and evaluation;
• We check and verify the chronology of previous shutdowns, reducing the preparation time and cost of future ones;
• A single contract with us reduces the cost of customer interaction with a large number of suppliers and contractors;
• We manage the entire shutdown process, solving non-standard tasks due to the high-level training of our staff with an emphasis on safety;
• Payment based on successful results;
• Our multi-disciplinary design and engineering team works more efficiently with fewer technical staff.

The first thing we start with is focusing on reducing the downtime, for a transparent, efficient, and simplified process. We always listen to the needs of client when developing a plan, to ensure the efficiency of work, increase the intervals between maintenance, and optimize the cost of the overall operation. Our presence and support from the initial stage, preparation, and execution of work to completion.

We understand that the success and costs of conducting an emergency shutdown process strongly depend on a properly planned determination of the amount of work ahead, which is why we strive to share experience and knowledge at the very early stages of preparation. Careful planning of shutdown allows us to collect and verify important information about the current condition with indicators of previous activities, which significantly increases the safety, costs, and amount of work when planning future programs.