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“Injener Chozgutleri” minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity

Any shutdown and restart of the production process or shutdown is extremely complex and requires an interdisciplinary approach. Our staff has experience in manufacturing industrial complexes and conducting a full-scale shutdown and start of the production process. For us, no project is too big or too small if it’s about the goal of ensuring uninterrupted productivity, safety, and reliability of the production process.

We have the knowledge and practical experience in planning and conducting shutdowns for the production processes, in the oil and gas, chemical, and energy industries. Our in-depth knowledge of the shutdown process management minimizes time and costs without compromising on the safety and quality of maintenance, as well as improving asset performance by simultaneously updating.

Our efficiency

The success and cost of conducting a shutdown are highly dependent on the correct definition of the scope of work. Therefore, we start by focusing on reducing the planned downtime schedule, which will make the process simpler, more transparent, and efficient. We carefully study the existing chronology of measures taken in the production process and develop a plan to ensure the effectiveness of work, increase the intervals between maintenance and optimize the total cost of operation.

Our presence and support from the initial stage, preparation, and execution of works to completion allow us to collect critical information about the technical condition of the equipment of the production process, in order to increase safety, plan further maintenance costs and plan the next shutdown.

Our services include

• Shutdown scope definition.
• Planning & Preparation.
• Estimation.
• Execution.
• Close-out.