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Construction and installation work:
— Construction, modification of facilities, RCC works, Steel Works & Structures;
— Installation of external and internal water supply networks, sewage system, heating system, and power supply system;
— Environmental protection facilities;
— Installation of process piping system, hydro tests, reinstatement, line-up;
— Installation of overhead and cable power lines, and communication lines;
— Construction of bridges and shore protection, roadworks, industrial diving & offshore works;
— Equipment installation;
— Installation of sub-bases, foundations and supporting structures for equipment;
— Geotechnical investigation;
— Leveling & grading;
— Irrigation & drainage;
— Construction of anti-mudflow, landslide and other environmental protection structures;
— Dredging;
— Breakwater structures;
— Geological and hydrological survey, related to building constructions and structures.

Installation & Services:
— Process equipment installation;
— F&G;
— Process equipment hook-up works, mechanical and E&I works;
— Service platforms fabrication and installation works based on evaluation of access areas, equipment location, and maintenance requirements;
— Winterization works on equipment and pipelines, insulation and cladding installation;
— Painting and coating works;
— Tests, Pre-commissioning, and Commissioning;
— Piping pipelines installations;
— Process piping tie-in works;

Power supply:
— Access control (ACS);
— Power supply system;
— Fire retardant treatment;
— Video Surveillance system;
— Electrical works;
— Fire Alarm Systems (FAS);
— Warning system  and evacuation management;
— Installation and assembly of the security alarm system;
— Maintenance support of engineering system;
— Installation of JB (Junction Boxes) and termination works;
— Architecture of cabling system (SCS and LAN);
— Communication systems;
— Automatic fire-extinguishing installation;
— Energy surveys;
— GPR Cable trays installation.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems:
— Installation, supply of ventilation and air conditioning systems;
— Installation, supply of heating and heat supply systems;
— Installation, supply of boiler and heat pumps;
— Installation of process control systems;
— Installation of external and internal water supply and sewerage networks (including water pump station and fire water pumps station).