Highly skilled certified mechanics guaranteed.

The company “Injener Chozgutleri” was established in 2011.

The mission:

We develop engineering solutions in the field of civil and industrial projects aiming to make a global contribution to sustainable growth by increasing the performance of our customers

The vision:

“Injener Chozgutleri” aspires to expand competitiveness in the international market by attracting bright specialists capable of developing and applying modern technologies, in order to fulfill Client’s requirements

Company values:

— Quality;
— Reliability, efficiency;
— Project execution within budget and schedule;
— Preventive actions and continuous improvement.

The main services of the company are:

— Engineering;
— Energy modeling;
— 3D modeling of industrial facilities and notes of technological chains;
— 3D F&G report;
— Logistics and procurement;
— Construction of industrial facilities;
— Construction of oil adn gas, chemical and energy facilities;
— Project Management;
— Project financing;
— Services;
— Outsourcicng.

We offer the world-proven project implementation schemes to our clients:

EPIC – Engineering/Procurement/Installation/Commissioning;
EPICM – Engineering/Procurement/Installation/Commissioning/Management;
EPCIF – Engineering/Procurement/Installation/Commissioning/Financing.

Quality management system:

Quality management system has been developed and implemented in our company:
— Material and equipment procurement;
— Specialists provision;
— Design in the construction field;

—Construction and reconstruction of industrial and civil facilities, in accordance with the norms of international standards ISO 9001:2015.

In IE “Injener Chozgutleri” have been approved and fully operated:
— Quality Policy 04/01/2021 № QMS 01-00-21;
— Health, Safety & Environment Policy 10/02/2022 № IC-HSE-02/Rev 3.
— SGS Certificate ISO 90001:2015 TM21/8073