Highly skilled certified mechanics guaranteed.

We offer a full range of engineering services:

The IE “Injener Chozgutleri” performs the work on the project documentation development for industrial and civil facilities of capital construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment, as well as technical support in the examination bodies

The main principle of the construction is the use of rational, technically correct solutions that ensure an increase in the economic efficiency of production, reliability, as well as environmental and industrial safety of facilities.

Each project is closely elaborated. This approach makes it possible to complete installation and commissioning in the shortest possible time, and the operating organization saves a significant amount of money on equipment maintenance.

The specialized certified equipment of highly qualified personnel allows us to perform complex engineering surveys, including geological, geodetic, hydrological, and environmental.
The development of sections of project documentation is carried out in accordance with the “On the composition of sections of project documentation and requirements for their content” and in compliance with the requirements of all necessary regulatory documents.
The design work performed by our specialists successfully passes examinations with the receipt of a positive conclusion from expert organizations.

The main types of design
— design of industrial-civil and special-purpose facilities, including dangerous and technically complex facilities;
— oil and gas fields development facilities;
— oil and gas storage and transportation facilities;
— maintaining reservoir pressure systems;
— organization of fire protection systems and fire warning systems;
— organization of on-site automated control systems;
— supervision of the construction of facilities and structures of oil and gas fields.

The IE “Injener Chozgutleri” offers its customers a wide range of services for the object design 
— drawing up a design assignment;
— collection and registration of initial permits;
— development of the project and working documentation;
— energy modeling;
— 3D modeling of industrial facilities and nodes of technological chains;
— 3D F&G Fire Safety system coverage report;
— projects development — sanitary protection zones, maximum permissible emissions, waste generation standards, and limits on their placement;
— project documentation sections development — environmental impact assessment, environmental protection, construction organization project;
— project support during the necessary examinations and approvals, obtaining positive conclusions from expert organizations.

The implementation of the developed projects at the construction stage is accompanied by the supervision of our specialists.